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Understanding the enrolling process and the course structure


See how you can make the best decision and choose the course type most suitable for you.

Choose your course type

There are three main types of courses on offer: The Basic, Optimum and Pro package. The common thing among these is that you will fly in the simulator and get hands-on practice with instructors. Of course, the more complete package you pick, the more time you will spend flying and talking with us. You can find the package details here.

Select a suitable schedule

All modules within the courses are LIVE sessions with our instructors. So, when selecting a specific course, you should inspect all module dates (and time zone) and select the one that suits your schedule the best.

Flow of the courses

Get an impression how we conduct the training and which tools we use

Your own Hangar

This is the home base for your training. You can personalize your account, choose a callsign for your virtual aircraft and start all sessions or even a free flight wherever you want. All resources, simulator task descriptions and additional training materials are made available here.

VFR English - Theory session

Theory sessions

You will meet the instructors on Google Meet for the radiotelephony basics lessons. You don’t have to mess around with links or invitations – all this is made accessible from your Hangar with a simple click.

VFR English - Simulator

Simulator sessions

All flying sessions are proudly provided by using Geo FS. Simple clicks on the buttons in the Hangar will bring you either to a free flight or to the training start-up location. Additionally, you will have access to the simulator for 12 months using the Hangar. Voice communication is made possible by a Discord voice channel with Push-To-Talk functionality. Each session starts with a briefing and ends with a consultation and personal feedback.

ICAO exam preparation (only in Pro)

This will be available initially only in the Pro type course. The ICAO preparation will consist of 4 different sections. You will talk through all these exam exercises with a VFR English instructor, including the personal interview, an aviation related picture, situation audio, ATIS broadcasts and more.


Get answers to the most fequently asked questions in our FAQ section on the courses page.

Ask your instructors

Our instructors, Balázs & David are ready to answer all your course related questions.

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