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You will get the answers to the most frequently asked questions from who are interested. In case you still have questions left unanswered, feel free to drop us a line on our contact page.

How does the course work?

All packages - including the Basic, Optimum and Pro - contain interactive theory and simulator sessions. We strongly believe that radiotelephony fluency comes from practice, and the more fun you have the faster you learn. This is exactly what we offer to you. See the “How it works section” for details.

For whom is the course recommended?

For everyone who wants to fly in uncontrolled and controlled airspace in VFR (the IFR English course is already on the way though).

Does this course help me prepare for the ICAO English Language Proficiency exam?

Absolutely. Most ICAO ELP exams require you to solve situational problems with simulated radio contact with the examiner. After this course, you will be a confident communicator in the air and during your exam, too.

What age groups do you support?

We recommend the course from 16 to 99 🙂 Every age group is welcome. 

Only licensed pilots should take the course?

No, every aviation enthusiast can join us when taking the course seriously and in a professional manner. Most simulator tasks require preparation before each session - learning content is provided.

What if I get stuck in a lesson/session?

We are always at your help in every session - we will make sure that your experience will be smooth and you receive an optimal amount of workload. Should you feel overwhelmed, no worries - we will find a way to bring you forward.

What kinds of resource materials do I receive in addition to the practice sessions?

Our VFR English booklet sums up the topic quite well for every scenario you will come across while flying. For each local or cross-country flight a task description with hints is provided as well.

Which aircraft type is being used in the course?

Geo FS offers various types of aircraft to fly (you can test them when playing around with the simulator), but we will stick to the good old Cessna 172 for the training.

Can I fly the training sessions without a joystick?

Yes you can. The simulator can be controlled by the mouse / trackpad, the keyboard and there is the sweet autopilot which comes very handy when flying on the traffic circuit and on cross-country flights.

In which time zones are you providing the course?

We start operating in the CET time zone but as demand increases, we will be offering courses in multiple time zones around the world at our students’ convenience. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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