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Our mission is to help pilots overcome the nerves when talking on the radio, enhancing safety and the joy of flying. Radiotelephony seems to be hard at the beginning, but it can be mastered by everyone when practicing the most frequent situations.

What you get by enrolling

The only VFR course you'll need.

Gain confidence

Overcome the fear of pressing the transmit button and talk on the radio in English. Be a confident and organized communicator – never be embarrassed again. Do not overthink – speak from muscle memory. Be more confident on your ICAO exam.

Real-time practice

Challenge yourself in real-time, realistic traffic scenarios in a simulated environment. Prepare on your own pace on our e-learning platform – be challenged in real time in the web-based simulator.

Cost effective

Get in situations you will encounter in real flying – master them with much lower cost compared to flying the actual aircraft.

Pro communication style

Stand out from the pilot crowd with a professional and precise communication style.


Receive personalized feedback and learning content.

The learning environment

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VFR English - Theory session

Theory session

You will learn the basics in interactive online sessions from our instructors. We are here to answer all your questions.

VFR English - Quiz


You are challenged to take a short test about your radiotelephony knowledge after the theory sessions. This ensures that everyone comes to the simulator sessions well prepared.

VFR English - Simulator


Get to fly real situations with real pilots and controllers – easy to set up and comes with simulated radio contact.

VFR English Consultation


Talk to aviation professionals and instructors who will help you with useful knowledge and give you personal feedback.


What others have to say about our courses.

“Almost the same experience like in the real show.”

“I highly recommend this course for those who needs some more confidence and understanding in VFR communication in english. The simulator and the instructors creating you almost the same experience like in the real show. You get to learn everything you need in a very fun environment. I am very grateful to be one of the first ones participated in the learning course. Thank you! Don’t study hard, study smart!”


Cabin crew at Emirates

“I felt like I was flying in real”

“During the simulator session I felt like I was flying in real. All the radio transmissions sounded the same as in the real airspaces. My radio confidence improved a lot.And moreover it was fun. Thanx guys!”


PPL Pilot

“Gave me such a confidence boost”

“The course, it gave me such a confidence boost, that I’m talking with the FIC in English ever since. My flight instructor is pleased with my comms as well, so I went for the ICAO test (still waiting for the results though). Regarding the VFR English, the whole team is just awesome. Never thought a course can be this fun and educative at the same time. Highly recommended! (Y)”


(Received an ICAO Level 5)

Meet your instructors

VFR English instructors


VFR English Instructor

Balazs Bojko (left) started his career as a mechanical engineer. Now he is a PPL pilot and CFI (instructor) with an Instrument Rating who is keen on teaching flying and communication. Balazs believes that smooth flying in busy airspaces can only be maintained and enjoyed if pilots possess good communication skills. He flies different aircraft classes – both gliders and motor aircraft – and hopes to fly multi-engine turboprop or jet aircraft after the pandemic is over.


VFR English Instructor

David Becsei (right) was just as nervous when he had to communicate in English on the radio while flying as anyone else. He had been living in London for almost a decade before acquiring a job in Hungary at HungaroControl as a pseudo pilot. He is also a CPL holder on his way to become IR rated during this summer, and flies many different kinds of aircraft – glides with TMGs and flies sightseeing trips around Budapest.

Choose the course that suits you best

We offer three types of courses to suit most people interested in learning VFR communication.


The Basic course offers a good introduction to the English radiotelephony world. You will receive a theory lesson with our instructors, a very realistic simulator practice at a beautiful location and a whole year of access to Geo FS with HD resolution. You can practice your VFR flights and have fun all over the world.


This package offers everything you will need to become fluent on the radio. Additional to the one-year access to Geo FS with HD resolution, you will learn from and consult the course instructors in 2 theory lessons and will fly 8 hours + in uncontrolled and controlled environments. Moreover, you will be challenged with emergency situations and a flight to a neighboring country as well.


Everything included in the Optimum package plus our VIP offering: you will receive a pro simulator headset for perfect radiotelephony experience, an extra 6 hours + of private lessons including simulator flying and ICAO exam preparation.


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See how our trainings are organised and what tools we are using to conduct the sessions in the courses.

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