preview imageDavid Since my childhood I have been passionate about flying. My father has been a helicopter mechanic, I believe this led me to become an aviation enthusiast. At first I was quite nervous about radiotelephony even in my mother language. I was doing my solo flights when I started to communicate with air traffic controllers in English.

I was fortunate enough to live in London for almost a decade and learn English at a high level, however this is not the case when it comes to aviation communication. I had to learn the aviation communication jargon from the beginning, with hard work and lots of real time practice. After this,  I managed to land a job at HungaroControl as a pseudo pilot. We have created this course as a unique opportunity to others to make their learning curve smoother. I’m also a CPL holder on my way to become ATPL and IR rated during this summer.

preview imageBalu Starting my career as a mechanical engineer, now I am a PPL pilot, CFI (instructor) with an Instrument Rating who loves to teach people to fly and communicate. I strongly believe that the smoothness of flying in busy airspaces can only be maintained and enjoyed when pilots possess good communication skills. I fly different aircraft classes – both gliders and motor aircraft and hope to fly multi-engine turboprop or jet aircraft after the pandemic relaxes.

As I am also a simulator enthusiast, I use them from the beginning of any PPL course. I use the framework that we created for VFR English for teaching basic flight skills and communication and I also let my students fly in Virtual Reality.